Digital Humanities

Tropics of Meta

Since 2010, I have been co-editor of the academic blog Tropics of Meta, which I co-founded with Ryan Reft.  The site provides a platform for graduate students, faculty, and other writers to discuss history, theory, politics, and popular culture, with the aim of “translating” scholarly work for a broader audience.  The site also has a strong urban studies tilt, with numerous pieces on the urban and suburban politics of cities such as Atlanta, New York, Chicago and LA, among many others.


Beginning in 2004, I worked with several graduate students at Columbia University to set up Videri, a wiki devoted to collecting summaries and analyses of historical literature.  The site also allows students and scholars to upload historiographical essays, reading lists, and other resources.

Doomed to Repeat

This podcast, begun in 2016, is a collaboration with Georgia State doctoral student Nicolas Hoffmann.  It covers a wide range of topics, from desegregation to beer to Russia to the anti-vax movement, in a casual and hopefully humorous way.

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